Location: Butchers' Guild

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"These streets are mine. These people are mine."

The home of the Butchers' Guild is a great stone slab of a building in the center of the rough part of town. The front steps are broad and big as pigs' feet, welcoming anyone in the Hall's cluster of Guild offices, or its boisterous tavern upstairs. 

This is a system-agnostic location, complete with descriptions, map, NPC and story-starters for GMs and Players alike. The location features a unique and easy-to-reference layout to help GMs start and build adventures. And it’s not just for GMs! Certain players will find the location helpful for giving their characters deep backstory. 


  • A map location that can be dropped into any adventure that needs a seaworn tavern
  • A retired navy NPC, with problems and quests that need solving 
  • Descriptions and more!
NOTE: The Butchers' Guild is excerpted from The Rough Part of Town District Pack. If you liked the Butchers' Guild, check out the Rough Part of Town for even more locations nearby!