Location: Cathedral

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"The time for toleration has ended."

The Cathedral is a sprawling forest of decorated towers and spires, topped with five ringing bells that chime at midday. Even in the street, the scent of incense fills the air. But despite its magnificence, the church is rotting from within. If the rot is allowed to grow, the city will pay the price. 

This is a system-agnostic location, complete with descriptions, map, one-page dungeon and for GMs and Players alike. The location features a unique and easy-to-reference layout to help GMs start and build adventures. And it’s not just for GMs! Certain players will find the location helpful for giving their characters deep backstory. 


  • A map location that can be dropped into any adventure that needs a cathedral
  • A renegade cleric, with problems and quests that need solving 
  • Descriptions and more!
NOTE: The Cathedral is excerpted from The Castle District Map & NPC Pack. If you liked the Cathedral, check out the Castle District for even more locations nearby!