Rough Part of Town: Six Seedy Locations

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Speed up your game prep with the Rough Part of Town! Ignored by most, this neighborhood’s crumbling cobblestones form jagged paths, trash fills its alleyways, and sad people leer from its broken windows. It calls to adventurers willing to chance its dark streets and powerful underworld leaders.

THE ROUGH PART OF TOWN is a system-agnostic collection of locations, NPCs and story starters for GMs and Players alike. You'll find a collection of mini-adventures that gives you everything you need to run quick sessions inside a rough neighborhood in a magical city. 

Complete with maps, 5 room dungeons, and NPCs with personalities (they all need something). The book features a unique and easy-to-reference layout to help GMs start and build adventures. And it’s not just for GMs! Players will find the book helpful for giving their characters deep backstory. 

You get these locations:

  • Thieves' Den, Cursed Warehouse, Butchers' Guild, Abandoned Arena, City Hospital, Occult Bookstore

You also get these mini adventures:

  • "The Carriage Heist," "The Sickness from Hell," "To Steal from Death," "Gangs on the Run," "Killer and Witness," and "Laboratory Terror"


  • Seven NPCs, all tied to a rough part of the city — and they all have problems that need solved and quests for the players
  • Six locations with maps that can be dropped into any adventure that takes place “on the wrong side of the tracks”
  • A d20 random table, with even more story starters
  • A neighborhood map that ties all the locations together
  • A story-based prologue to add flavor
  • And more!