The Docks District: Six Locations Near the Water

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Speed up your game prep with the mini adventures in the Docks District! The slick wood of the docks and the narrow buildings crowding the maze of streets begs for adventurers willing to share their stories—or their blood. 

In this book, you'll find a collection of mini-adventures that give you everything you need to build sessions in the docks district of a magical city. 

You get maps, 5 room dungeons and NPCs with personalities (they all need something). Each mini-adventure ends with more hooks to keep play going. They're perfect when you need to speed up your planning. 

Imagine taking players through these locations:

  • Sailors' Tavern, Smugglers' Den, Nautical Guild, Sea God Square, Lighthouse, Warehouse Row

This pack contains these mini-adventures:

  • "Bar Fight," "Wool Pirates," "Snake in the Waves," "The Poison Ship," "Lighthouse Devils," "The Textile Gangs"


  • Seven NPCs, all tied to the sea — and they all have problems that need solved and quests for the players
  • Six locations with maps that can be dropped into any adventure that takes place near the sea
  • A d20 random table, with even more story starters
  • A neighborhood map that ties all the locations together
  • A story-based prologue to add flavor
  • And more!