The D&D Adventurer’s League is an organized play system for Dungeons & Dragons, made up of one-shot adventures that run alongside the official D&D sourcebooks. The League is organized around official “seasons.” The adventures in each season are tied to a particular sourcebook (like Curse of Strahd). They’re really fun to play, and really easy to run.

The D&D Adventurer’s League is also really great if you’re running your own game, because each adventure ends in a single session, requiring less prep than reading a sourcebook. Preparing an adventurer’s league module feels a lot like taking notes on a theater script, and they adapt really well to existing storylines for creative DMs.


D&D Adventurer’s League by Seasons

For some reason, Wizards of the Coast makes it really hard to understand what should be a relatively straightforward process. So to make it easier for DMs looking for adventures to play (and players looking for adventures to suggest) I’ve listed out all the current adventurer’s league seasons, along with a link to all the adventures so you can find adventures that fit your game. Each link takes you to the bundle, and the individual adventures.

Adventurer’s League Season One (Tyranny of Dragons)

Adventurer’s League Season Two (Princes of the Apocalypse)

Adventurer’s League Season Three (Out of the Abyss)

Adventurer’s League Season Four (Curse of Strahd)

Adventurer’s League Season Five (Storm King’s Thunder)

Adventurer’s League Season Six (Tales from the Yawning Portal)

Adventurer’s League Season Seven (Tomb of Annihilation)

Adventurer’s League Season Eight (Dragon Heist & Mad Mage)

Adventurer’s League Season Nine (Descent into Avernus)

Adventurer’s League Season Ten (Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden)

*Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash