The Heartwizard City Setting gives you interesting city locations that you can drop into any adventure without reading pages of lore.

Each book collects maps, locations, NPCs and one-page-dungeons into one place. The books are easy-to-use and designed for busy Game Masters looking for bursts of inspiration.

So what are you waiting for? Check out a neighborhood below to get started!

The Rough Part of Town

Illegal things can be found easily in this vicious neighborhood. It calls to adventurers willing to chance its dark streets.

Use this book to help you run quick sessions inside a rough neighborhood.

The Docks District

The slick wood of the docks and the narrow buildings crowding the maze of streets begs for adventurers willing to share their stories—or their blood. 

In this book, you get everything you need to build sessions in the docks district of a magical city. 

The Theater District

The torchlit passages are filled with people in states of inebriation and the buildings ring with bardic song. But dark currents shift behind the illusion.

Build your next session in the theater district with this collection of maps and one page dungeons.

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